Injection Molding And Tooling

Custom Manufacturing Capabilities For Plastic and Rubber Products

China YiwuBazaar is a full service injection molding solutions provider. We are dedicated to providing tailor-made solutions at any step of your plastic or rubber products life cycle. These solutions include thinking, inventing, designing, tooling, manufacturing, automating, assembling and logistics services. Our custom manufacturing capabilities includes mold and tooling design, plastic parts manufacturing, and final product assembly.

injection mold and tool
plastic part manufacturing
product assembly

Injection Molding and Tooling Design and Making

Production and Contract Manufacturing

Assembly and Value-added Services

 Our advanced injection mold tooling design, manufacturing, and repair services encompass a variety of capabilities, such as 2D or 3D CAD modeling, prototyping, inspection, design and engineering.

  As an experienced Contract Manufacturing partner, we take great pride in our engineering team’s ability to utilize DFMA (Design for Manufacture and Assembly) and Mold Flow Analysis to ensure the final molded product meets your exact needs.

  As a vertically integrated manufacturer, you deal directly with us and not multiple vendors. As a result, customers experience better results, higher quality, lower costs and shorter lead times.

  We partner with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) on mechanical and electronic sub-assemblies to complete final assemblies and products. Automated equipment, customized work cells, and a well trained staff make production more efficient.

  Our focus is to optimize the manufacturing process to improve quality and lower cost. State-of-the-art presses use closed loop systems to precisely control the molding cycle.

   With our presence in China, sourcing, resources and lean manufacturing systems, we are able to source and purchase needed materials and parts, mold and assemble the plastic components, and provide the finished assembly or product – packaged and shipped – saving you time and money.

  We provide highly automated and electro mechanical assembly services that keep the process streamlined and within your budget. Automation results in greater productivity, repeatability and reliability.

 This operation provides value added services to our production lines through the utilization of modern automation cells which optimize packaging requirements, production assemblies and inline decorating or finishing. 

Plastic Injection Mold Design and Fabrication Services

China YiwuBazaar has the capabilities to bring your idea, part, or product to life from conception to completion. Our advanced injection mold tooling design, manufacturing, and repair services encompass a variety of capabilities and our assembly lines are set up to specifically meet our customer’s assembly, packaging and turnkey needs. We are the one-stop solution provider as a contract manufacturer to fulfill your specific requirement for your plastic project.

General Capabilities

Custom Molding Solutions
2D and 3D Tooling Design and Making
Tooling Maintaince and Repair
Engineering and Product Development
Contract Manufacturing
High-volume production
Turnkey Assembly
value-added Secondary Services

Molding Process Type

Injection Molding
Blow Molding
Insert Molding
Two-short Molding
Rotational Molding

Materials Selection

CPVC, Rigid, and Flexible PVC
High, Medium, or Low Density Polyethylene

Valued Added Services

Labeling and Barcode
Laser Etching
Hot Stamping
Program Management
Pad Printing
Silk Screening

Industry Focus
With years of experience in providing OEMs – large and small – with contract manufacturing solutions for injection-molded plastic parts, China Yiwu Bazaar has developed a reputation in a number of industries for our experience, quality, innovation and commitment to delivering cost saving, high quality, reliable solutions that help our customers gain competitive advantage.


Auto Accessories and Parts
OEM plastic parts
fuel pump components
metal replacement applications
rubber replacement applications

Medical Product

Medical Housings and Components
High Volume Disposable Products
Sleep apnea products
Dental scalers
Medication administering devices
Pump components


Enclosure of the following electronics:

Smart Home Appliance
Smart Phone and Mobile Accessories
Internet of Things(IoT) Product
Health tech

Industrial Product

Control Units
Machinery Parts
Control Equipment Parts
Filtration Systems

Consumer Products

Cleaning Products Container
Food and Beverage Packaging
Furniture Plastic Parts
Toys and Novelty
Building Materials
Tool Parts
Household Product Parts

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